SharePoint Workflows can be best described as automated flowcharts that are programmed applications used to perform different business processes automatically. Using SharePoint Workflows daily tasks of your business is made easier and smooth. this online tool gets rid of time-taking guesswork making the tasks easier to complete.

SharePoint workflows can be customized according to the specific needs of your business tasks. Every business has its own requirements for its different tasks to complete. For different tasks, you need different automated programs. These automated programs that are used to perform different tasks of your business are called workflows.


Workflows have a wide range of services to perform that can be of different types. Here are some of the different types of workflows


That is used to approve a business plan or reject it. This type of workflow can also automate the routing of the documents.


This type is often used for getting comments or opinions of the users for your products or any documentation shared with a certain group of people.


This is also a type of workflow that is used to confirm an online form or any other type of documentation such as a workbook.


Different types of businesses have different independent tasks to complete in different departments that need to be followed up. This type of workflow is used to keep track of the performance of the pending tasks in various projects. The tracking feature has become very to keep up with the time limits and have a check on the working speed of your work and workers.


Publishing workflow controls the automation of content Approval. This feature runs an automated content routing and approval of certain documents.

These are some of the most popular examples of workflows in our daily routine work. There are a lot of other automated tasks that can be done easily and smoothly with the help of SharePoint workflow.

Al Rafay Consulting has a wide variety of workflows to offer according to the needs of your business. Your all business tasks can have a customized workflow that is programmed to meet the exact needs of your business. Contact us for your customized SharePoint workflow to get rid of the guesswork making your business plan more professional.

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Benefits of using Microsoft SharePoint Workflow

SharePoint Workflow is an online tool designed to improve the productivity of your projects at different levels of tasks. There are various different tasks to perform the worker on a daily basis, which obviously takes a lot of time to perform and even more time to come up with a work route to perform the task accurately. Microsoft SharePoint workflow streamlines the ongoing work tasks for different projects and saves a lot of time coming up with automated work routes for the tasks to perform. It saves a huge amount of time for the employees generating automated routes for various jobs.

At Al Rafay Consulting, we have a team of experts who are working flawlessly and efficiently to provide the best functioning solutions in SharePoint workflow to make your daily routine tasks easy and flawless. ARC customizes workflow according to the exact needs of various different tasks to be performed in as minimum time as possible. Time-saving is one of the key things to improving and enhancing your business productivity and ARC has it on its priority list.  We minimize the time wastage and optimize the work efficiency of projects.

SharePoint workflow services ARC

Al Rafacy Consulting is determined in producing highly efficient and functioning SharePoint workflows with an expert team of professionals. Easy to use workflows improve the productivity of the work not only at the employee level but also at the team level as well as at an organization level.

ARC team of experts works relentlessly to provide the most effective and easy-to-use SharePoint Workflow and Powerapps Development Services for their users and satisfied clients. Our prioritized goal includes minimizing or eliminating the wastage of time with highly functional SharePoint workflows. Another area of our focus is the optimizing of business profits to make the projects less burdensome on the resources.

ARC has a dedicated team of highly expert professionals in SharePoint workflow. We specialize in designing customized solutions and workflows according to the exact needs of the clients.