Get Your Website Redesigned To Maintain SEO Rankings

Get Your Website Redesigned To Maintain SEO Rankings

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According to the specialists of a reputed web design company in Reno, a website is one of the primary tools if you would like to stay competitive in today’s digital business landscape. And just as every tool requires occasional sharpening in order to stay effective, so does a website. Customer hopes grow in the fullness of time, and you must learn to transform with its ebbs and flows.

Hence, the need to redesign the website every 2 to 3 years.

The purpose of website redesign is clear: keep the business right in the line of sight of the target audience to make the most out of the possibilities of converting them into paying customers. It is meant to help grow your brand. But if not executed appropriately, it will do more harm than good. How exactly? By rendering all of your previous SEO efforts ineffective and useless.

You have invested a significant amount of marketing dollars, effort, and time to gain your current ranking. You must not lose it in the redesigning process. A few companies make the tragic mistake of believing that one doesn’t affect the other. However, in reality, best website builder for affiliate marketing there are specific steps you have to take to make sure that you don’t sacrifice your SEO ranking as you transition from the old website to the new.

Keep the Old Website Live

It isn’t sensible to execute the entire amendments you would like on your live website. Redesigning a website hiring a professional for web design and web development in Reno NV is a lot of work, and you could easily hit some snags along the way. If this were to take place on your live website, it could compromise user experience, or worse, bring your website down altogether. In the end, your efforts to enhance your brand could end up damaging it irreversibly.

The common practice for redesigning a website is keeping the original website intact and live throughout the redesigning process. Having the old website to refer to whenever you encounter some problems while developing the redesigned website could be crucial, saving you tons in financial resources, effort, and time in solving them.

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Crawl the Old Website

Once you have a copy of the website on a temporary URL, save a crawl of your old website. In doing this, you can easily export all the elements critical to your on-page optimization. This includes your title tags, meta titles, meta descriptions, headers, and alt tags.

Having a crawl of the old website is especially helpful in preserving pages that perform well in search rankings. In addition, crawling your old website would be helpful in protecting the dynamic types of content on the website as you move from dev to live website.

It is essential to note that, while preserving high-performing pages is imperative, some situations would render this practice useless or impossible. For instance, if your website redesign were compelled noteworthy amendments in your services or products, it would require its own content generation and optimization process.

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