Cloud Computing: Producing Future Careers for Tech Minded Students

Cloud Computing: Producing Future Careers for Tech Minded Students

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A future career in computing will mean that you might never be out of work.

Cloud computing is influencing the world of tech in more ways than the immediately obvious. One of the key ways it is shaping the future of technology is in its affect on the current computing students. Those who are in college and university now are in the unique position of holding the keys to the tech future of business. They are the inventors, architects, and program creators of the coming decades.

Let’s not neglect those of us who have already completed our career training, too. It is never too late to add additional software programmes to your CV. As we all know, the world of business tech advances due to those who are multi-skilled. The more systems you can operate, the more valuable an employee you are. Fixing your focus on cloud computing systems is a prime way to prep yourself for a career in computing in the coming years.

Let’s find out more about careers in cloud computing and what they could mean for you.

Cloud Computing Careers are Diverse and Varied

There are multiple ways to enter the business of cloud computing. Each of these paths comes with the knowledge of different operating systems, web dev tech, and other software familiarities you may or may not have.

For example, you could enter a career in cloud computing on the base level, working as an IT technician for a large company. Your day-to-day tasks might cover asking people if they have turned things off and back on again and overseeing the creation of secure software systems that can help speed up business production through automation. Alternatively, you could enter the cloud computing world after years of studying web architecture. You could enter it with a solid knowledge of coding and creating applications. At this level, you can expect maximum return on your investment.

What is the average salary for a cloud role?

Your average salary as a cloud computing technician will change depending on your specific knowledge. Estimates range from £40k per year to £60k+ inside London. While in the capital city, Cloud Engineers can earn up to £5k in bonuses per year. Working as a consultant, you could even make more than that. Cloud engineers earn upwards of £28 per hour, depending on their specific set of skills. You may also choose to develop and sell applications as an extra income earner.

Here are a few options in cloud computing career that you could consider, in order to get the maximum salary.

Examples of Careers in Cloud Computing

Here are a few popular cloud computing career paths:

  • Cloud Engineer – you will help firms develop their cloud platforms and interactions to maximum productivity.
  • Cloud security specialist – you will protect firms network connections and online interactions through security software.
  • Cloud Consultant – once you have worked as a cloud engineer for long enough, the experience you garner will allow you to consult. At this high end, you can charge what you like.
  • Cloud Architect – in this high end salary cloud computing career, you develop online systems to increase productivity, security, and visibility for brands.

There are hundreds of careers in cloud computing. Which one will you choose?