6 Familiar Misconceptions About  You Need to Know

6 Familiar Misconceptions About You Need to Know

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With the boom in the digital world, content management systems have become one of the most reliable tools to create website hassle-fee. Gone are the days when one needs to pay a huge amount to developers to create a website. Now, in 2021, connecting with CMS you can create a website as per your choice. But as a beginner, when you search for the top most CMS, you may never find any competitor of .

When it comes to , there are no two ways about its popularity over the internet. As per the reports, around 27.5% of the websites are powered . Even there are many hosting providers offering cheap hosting packages to live sites.

But being a beginner, you may hear popular misconceptions of that let you feel reluctant to choose this platform. Therefore, here this blog comes up with bringing the familiar misconceptions that you must need to know before you start your journey.

Misconceptions About

With every popular platform, there are some misconceptions that create a bad impression. Similarly, there are a lot of misconceptions about that you might have heard once in your digital journey. No doubt, it is a world-known high-end platform to build sites effectively.

Whether you are non-tech savvy or have the technical know-how, fits your needs perfectly. But as the misconceptions are getting more and more popular these days, it is important to know them before you start your sites. So what are they? let’s explore below.

1. Is Only a Blogging Platform

The first word that pops up in your mind when you hear is always the blogging tool or blogging platform. This is the first misconception about that you need to know. Of course, at first, it was started as a blogging platform, but soon it turns up to be a platform for all websites. So you can rely on for the non-blogging site too.

2. Is Completely Free

Most beginners think that is completely free. Even this misconception is often supported many blogs. However, the truth is you need to pay for highly customized themes, plugins, and hosting. Although you can create a free site, but can’t get free hosting. Even, you need to pay for themes, and customization depending on the type of site you want to create.

3. No SEO Needed

There is no doubt that is Google-friendly. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to optimize your site. The plugins like Yoast can help you to optimize your front-end effectively. But at the end of the day, you must need to have some knowledge and SEO practice to move on.

4. Is Not for E-Commerce

Many online stores move towards Woo-commerce and other platforms specially created for E-stores. However, is also one of those platforms that offers support for E-commerce. This means that you can create a site via the platform without hassles. Therefore, you don’t need to change platform if you want to build an e-store.

5. Sites Have Generic Look

Talk to a non- developer and you will find that has an old-dated generic look that never benefits its users. But think about a second, if it is so then why still 27.5% of the websites are still powered ? Of course, it’s a misconception that sites have generic look. The reality is, allows you to get any interactive design you want.

6. Is Not Secure

While it is true that is not fully secure, but comes up with basic security protection against hackers. Being an open-source platform updates new versions from time to time. This allows you to eliminate flaws, and be secure. Therefore, this is one of the common misconceptions that you need to be aware of when building a site.