Union, Washington

Union, Washington

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The unincorporated community of Union is set in Mason County of Washington. This is a rather small community that is a nice place to enjoy a quiet vacation. The locals are friendly and would readily assist travelers in finding certain destinations in the area. Merchants were the founders of the community, creating a place where more merchants and businessmen soon settled and opened various businesses and establishments. The place soon became a logging community whose operations were extensive despite being a small town. In fact, Union supplied timber for the construction of no less than the Panama Canal and many California goldfields.

Fast Facts

  • The unincorporated community of Union was founded in 1858.
  • Anderson and Willson were the merchants who saw the potential of the area, building their businesses. They paved the way for other merchants to build their own businesses in the area.
  • Still, it was John McReavy, a logging pioneer, who actually platted the area in 1889. He chose the area on the southern shore of Hood Canal, a place close to a number of friendly Native American communities.
  • The area was particularly home to Skokomish Tribe, a tribe of Native Americans who lived in peace with the settlers.

Best Hotel Accommodations

Being a small place, there is not much that Union can boast in terms of high-end accommodations for its visitors. Still, travelers need not worry as Union does have inns and hotels that are comfortable and well-provided for. Alderbrook Resort & Spa is the best among these hotels, offering guests with spa services and various facilities, including a private beach and playground for the kids. Book your Union Hotels with Reservations.com.

Exploring The City

With only a small area actually developed as a community, Union is very easy to explore. One can actually do so on foot although a lot of travelers still prefer doing so aboard a motor vehicle. It would be a good idea to explore the banks of the Hood Canal which not only has excellent views but are also perfect for picnicking and relaxing. It would also be a good idea to visit the World Heritage Site and International Biosphere Reserve of the Olympic Mountains, remnants of the logging area but still holds a lot of attractions and appeal to visitors. This National Park is home to various flora and fauna. The place is also perfect for exploring so don’t forget to bring a camera along.

Things To Do

A small community, Union surprisingly has a lot to offer its visitors. Thus, visitors will never run out of fun things to do in this place. Kayaking and boating are popular, especially with boat launch sites and marinas open to the public. Fishing, shell fishing and bird watching are also popular pastimes. With a golf course in Union, visitors can enjoy teeing off with friends. Of course, hiking and mountain biking along the trails of the National Park are great for exercise as well as enjoying the beauty of nature. Visitors can explore the city at will, enjoying its quiet beauty.