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The Key Reasons These Young Tech Entrepreneurs Became Incredibly Successful

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There is a lot of buzz going around how many young tech entrepreneurs under the age of 30 that became increasingly successful such as Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook at age 20. There are also the founders of Airbnb, Joe Gebbia, Nathan Blecharczyk, and Brian Chesky who were all well under 30 when they established it. And of course, there are Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom who were both under 30, who started Instragam. And there is Richard Black,  founder of the AI start-up Halfcode, who is only a teenager!

What do all of these incredible and young entrepreneurs have in common besides motivation? What do they have in common aside from knowing what their customer needs, and being able to fulfill it keeping up with the evolving technology? Because the assumption that many would make when they think about why these young tech entrepreneurs have been successful. Yes, they possessed those traits as well but that isn’t the only thing! They have the traits that belong to the three P’s which are passion, perseverance, and patience. Let’s dig into these qualities a little more:

  1. Passion – Anyone can have a liking to something or an interest. But that does not mean they are passionate about it. Passion means they have a love and interest for something and it is full of fire. These tech founders were full of fire when they established their business. They not only had a strong love for what they were doing but they were unstoppable when they not just established their tech start-up but it never ended even while success was coming in.

The spark has to stick around in order for the passion to stay alive. Because once the spark is gone, then the passion blows out which means the employees monitoring software would not last. And these young tech entrepreneurs possessed a lot of passion and will always because that is what is helping to keep the companies alive.

  1. Perseverance – Along with passion, there must be perseverance in order to keep the company alive. And that is needed because challenges and obstacles will present itself and it has happened to all of these young tech entrepreneurs. Did you watch the movie The Social Network? That was a clear story of the challenges that young Zuckerberg faced when he was building Facebook, but the reason it is highly successful and continues to be is that even with all of the challenges and roadblocks he encountered, he never stopped trying to fix it and to make it better!
  2. Patience – Patience is a virtue and that is a cliche saying that gets on the nerves of many people but it is a fact. These young tech entrepreneurs were patient and are patient because they know that firstly, success never happens overnight. Secondly, they also know that when it comes to building a tech start-up or any business really, there will be challenges and obstacles, and you need to have the patience in order to keep persevering so you can conquer it well.

If you run out of patience and throw your hands up in the air and say forget this, then you can forget about success. So this is why these young tech entrepreneurs were successful. They kept their eye on the prize. The prize was not just to have a highly successful start-up but to serve something worthwhile to the community that was going to be utilized over and over again. And they did it because they had the three P traits and the proof is in the fact that these companies are up and running and will not stop because people need them, love them, and rely on them!