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The Benefits Of Owning A Smartwatch

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Smartwatches have come a long way with technology and keep evolving the day, but most of these evolutions seem to be more of a gimmick than useful. Smartwatches sit in a strange place where it is no longer in the realm of early adopters, but not in full market appeal either.

The smartwatch seems to be focused at a very small audience, who want more from a device than it can realistically deliver. This tide is starting to change as smartwatches become more capable than ever before. Now, some even include the ability to replace your phone all together and allow you to play at sites like Big Dollar casino. It’s clear. There are a lot of benefits from a good smartwatch for even the most skeptical user.

Health Benefits

Possibly the best reason to own a smartwatch is the potential health benefits it could bring you. With a wide range of parameters to monitor, a good smartwatch could make your life much healthier.

  • Blood pressure – A smartwatch can continuously monitor blood pressure, taking readings in predefined intervals to let you know what your blood pressure is at any point through the day. This can also be great for medical professionals when treating blood pressure issues, as they can build an accurate history with the information saved on your smartwatch.
  • Heart rate – Being able to monitor your heart rate constantly and accurately throughout the day can be greatly beneficial to your physical health, mental health and to any practitioner treating for heart related issues.

The major benefits of owning a smartwatch - Daily Planet

  • Oxygen levels – Have you ever felt dead tired in the middle of the day, with no real reason why? Oxygen levels can have a big influence on general mood and how tired you feel. Monitoring oxygen levels is a great way to have a precursor to any respiratory related illness or just highlight poor conditions like a poorly ventilated working environment.
  • Sleep monitoring – Through all the above-mentioned factors and monitoring your sleeping pattern, a smartwatch can help find issues you may not be aware of when it comes to your sleep.
  • Athletics – A good smartwatch can greatly aid in planning out and completing exercise routines. Monitoring of heart rate and blood pressure will be a great aid to any runner.

Your health is the best reason to own a smartwatch, just be sure to get a version that has all the monitoring parameters you may want to use.


Smartwatches are a game changer when it comes to tracking a loved one. Having your children wear smartwatches with GPS functionality will be of great peace of mind when they are out at a friend’s house or on their way home from school. This can even extend to pets with smart collars ability to track them and alert you when leaving a certain area.

Elderly Assistance

Even if you have no intention of owning a smartwatch, which many don’t, there is an undeniable need for elderly relatives to always have a smartwatch on them. Being able to call for help after a fall or to remotely monitor health conditions is a game changer for many people who look after elderly relatives.