Review Of The Huawei MateBook D 14: Great Value For Money

Observing Review Is Illustrated Regarding Huawei Matebook D14 I3

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The Huawei matebook d14 i3 offers great value for money, outperforming many mid-priced models in terms of performance and design. Huawei’ Huawei matebook d14 i3 shares many features and design elements with the premium MateBook X Pro without compromising on the price of this laptop. Couple it with a powerful mid-range processor and a battery that lasts all day and you will have an impressive laptop that is mid-range in price.

Huawei Aiming High Designs Quality Matebook

In a glance At first glance, at first glance, the Huawei matebook d14 i3 looks like an ultra-premium laptop that will not seem off-putting in the same space as the MacBook Pro. It is light and portable, weighing 1.38kg as well as 15.9mm thick. It is constructed of an aluminum alloy that is durable and sports an attractive Space Grey finish that shimmers with a purple-ish hue depending on the lighting. Also available is mystic-silver like the one shown, however, this model is not accessible within the states.

The bezels around the 14-inch 1080 pixels Full View Display have been reduced to 4.8mm, which is a significant improvement over the model of 2018; however, there is still a huge bezel on the lower part of the display, so it is not quite as sleek as the premium models made Huawei. Its 16:9 aspect ratio is vibrant and clear with maximal brightness of 244nits, which is about a quarter of the claimed 250nits. The narrow bezels give a sleek design that won’t seem out of place in 2020 year.

The Thin Bezels That Surround The Display Mean That The 1mp (Yes It’s One Megapixel) Webcam Needed To Be Relocated

Like many other Huawei laptops, this one is located inside the keyboard. This is certainly an advantage in terms of privacy as the webcam can be hidden within the laptop’s chassis when not in use however, the fact that it is positioned outside of the keyboard suggests it’s not the most appealing view, and if you’re typing, you can be sure that your fingers will comprise most of the images recorded through the lens. It also has a slightly bigger keyboard this time around that makes it more comfortable to use as well as the backlit keys will allow you to type in dark conditions however it’s not the best replacement. It is true that the front-facing speakers in the earlier D Series laptops had to be removed to make room for the larger keyboard and since the new speakers are concealed within the chassis, the audio quality isn’t amazing.

HUAWEI MateBook D14 and D15: 2020 models presented and available for order

However, let us face it that it’s nearly impossible to find high-quality headphones on laptops It’s the Unicorn of the technology world. It is a good thing that it has a 3.5mm headphone jack, despite its slim design. If you are not sure about audio for you, then you could put in headsets or stationary speakers in order to improve your audio experience. Similar to the D 14, Huawei has developed the 14-inch version in the D Series to offer a 180-degree viewing angle, which allows you to reduce the size of your laptop when you use it. I am yet to discover any reason that you would want to opt for this, especially given the lack of touchscreen connectivity. However, it is an innovative aspect that will make it stand out from the crowd. D 14 stands out from the other mid-priced laptops in 2020.

Excellent Performance According To Prices Offering

There are other models with different specs and features, but only in specific markets. It is also equipped as standard with Windows 10 Home as standard as well. The specs are impressive for a laptop in the mid-range particularly when you take into account the PS650 cost within the UK. It could even be able to compete with similar laptops like the more costly Lenovo Yoga C740 and Acer Swift 5 in some areas, as you can see in our benchmark results, which are below.