Nova 9 SE: Slay in style

Nova 9 SE: Slay in style

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What You See Is What Counts

Huawei consistently sets the standard in terms of launch events for its products, and after two years of being on Zoom The company finally had the first event live at Shangri-La. The Fort for its latest phone, the smartphone nova 9 se, with a weight of 191g, the phone could become tiring to carry for extended durations of time. With a bigger size of 75.6mm those with smaller hands might find it difficult to operate the phone with one hand as well.

The plus is that the position of the knobs for volume and lock buttons is more in the middle of the phone’s side which gives users a comfortable as well as ergonomic.

The Photos Do Not Disappoint

The HUAWEI Nova 9 SE features the of 108MP AI Quad Camera system comprising the main camera with 108MP and an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens and a bokeh lens of 2MP as well as an macro lens. The larger resolution of the camera will provide images with detail.

What is great about the sensors of the nova 9 SE is that they sense when someone in the frame is smiling and automatically take a picture. Although it is an extremely useful device, the camera will require a perfect level of stillness from the person who is holding the phone as well as the person taking the picture.

Portrait mode lets your subject appear to pop out effortlessly. Huawei says that the Nova 9 SE can handle photography in low light thanks to its Night mode. If you test it I’m able to say that images appear with good detail, but you’ll need to rest the phone on an unmoving surface and avoid shakes out of your fingers.

When you take a selfie, dim lighting will make an outline over the camera’s frame in order to create an additional light source for your face, allowing you to take the image. It is a good way to get the job done however; it’s not sure how flattering it is when this intense white light bounces on a forehead oily.

Videos can be recorded at either 720p or 1080p at 30 frames per second. Dual-View video allows you to record with both rear and front cameras simultaneously. This feature is ideal for those who make online content, like for vlogs or even reaction TikToks that show two different perspectives simultaneously.

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Alternately, you can make use of the Dual-View to take both a close-up and wide-angle view simultaneously. For those who do not want to download an additional video editing program or software, you can cut video in the gallery itself.

A Reliable Battery

HUAWEI nova 9 SE comes with a 4,000mAh battery that allows fast charging. It claims it takes only 36 minutes to complete a charge.

An important UX feature that was noticeable is its EMUI 12 software was its notification and control panel. The front-facing camera splits them in two You can use the swipe on the left-hand corner of the screen to see your notifications. You can also swipe to the right side of the screen, to alter the brightness, the volume of your music and other functions for quick control. It is a useful feature to help keep things organized and clear. It will require some time to get used to for people who are not used to the phone.

There is One Major Problem

As good of a mid-priced device as the HUAWEI Nova 9 SE may be, it is absence of GMS remains a challenge to suggest the phone to those who depend on Google for work or other reasons. Of course, you will be able to still use version of the browser if want to, however they are inadequate and not sustainable in the for long-term. The Nova 9 SE surpasses this issue offering the user a pre-installed application known as Petal Search. It is where you will be able to locate and download the APK of any app but you will have to go through some obstacles before it is usable. If this is a sacrifice, you are willing to accept in exchange for other features .The mid-range phone will not disappoint.

This Huawei nova 9 SE is an excellent choice for people who value style and want to get the best smartphone for just P13, 999. The cameras are flexible enough for those looking to get into vlogging, while its strong internals will ensure an effortless and secure user experience.