Is There a Future for Digital Mail?

Is There a Future for Digital Mail?

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As technology becomes more advanced, the demand for faster and better ways to do business continues to skyrocket. Companies all around the world are now equipped to allow their employees to work from home through the use of powerful software platforms. Even the medical industry is making the most out of the digital solutions that are available today. Digital mail is another service that is gaining popularity within the business spectrum. Through the use of advanced technology and artificial intelligence, it is now possible to transform just about every aspect of a business into a digital format, including physical mail.

What Digital Mail Is

The difference between digital mail and email is that email is created within a digital environment, and digital mail is mail that has been transformed from physical mail into digital media. With email, a person creates the message within a digital application and sends it electronically to a recipient. When it comes to digital mail, the actual physical message is scanned into a software program and saved as a digital file. Once the mail has been digitized it can be sent as an electronic message,  or shared as a digital file, and so on. In simple terms, digital mail is physical mail that has been transformed into digital files.

How Digital Mail is Processed

Since every business is unique, the way that digital mail will be processed for each company could vary in one way or another. Typically, when an organization decides to transform their mail into digitized mail the first step is to acquire a mailing address so that all of the mail is delivered to one place. Each piece of mail that is received will be sorted, then opened and scanned into the system. Once the physical mail has been completely digitized the leftover bulk of the mail will either be shredded and disposed of or stored according to the needs of the company. All of these tasks will take place in a digital mailroom where none of the employees will be involved.

The Benefits of Digital Mail

Having a digital mailroom as opposed to using a physical mailroom that is run employees has many perks. The most practical benefit of having a digital mail solution is that it has the ability to cut costs. In a typical large-scale business where the mail is received and processed a team of employees in the mailroom the costs of labor, materials, and other physical demands can add up very quickly. By using a third party to operate the company’s mailing system all of those extra costs can be reduced. In fact, digitizing inbound mail it is possible to save one dollar per piece of mail, per day. Some of the other benefits are:

  • Security
  • Efficiency
  • Control
  • Quick response times

By transforming to a digital mail solution a company has more control over who has access to which documents. Since there is no way to track who has seen and had access to physical mail other than written documentation, it leaves a lot of room for vulnerabilities. Within a digital mailroom platform, every piece of mail is accounted for and tracked so that anybody that has access to it is recorded. Digital mail cuts down on security risks and helps to keep sensitive information safe.

The Future of Digital Mail

At the velocity that technology is rocketing forward, it won’t be long until every business that operates is highly reliant upon digital platforms of one kind or another in order to function. The big companies that rely on their physical mail to operate will eventually see the value and necessity of using a digital mailroom. As it is today, large corporations all around the world are already taking full advantage of all the benefits that digital mail has to offer. Digital mail is here and does not look like it is going anywhere anytime soon.