Is Kryptonics a Good Skateboard Brand?

Is Kryptonics a Good Skateboard Brand?

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Kryptonics has become one of the most recognizable and oldest good skateboard brands in the world since 1976. They are noted for their logo, low pricing, and high-quality board for beginners and intermediates.

If you enjoy skating, Kryptonics boards will be a fun and economical addition to your collection. We’ve put up a detailed Kryptonics skateboard review in this post to address all of your questions about the brand so you can make an informed decision. Examine the Kryptonics skateboards to discover whether they’re a good fit for your riding style.

Kryptonics Skateboard Review

In conclusion, Kryptonics skateboards provide a good quality skateboard at a reasonable price, making them perfect for beginners & intermediates. Professional riders should avoid using the Kryptonics board. For novices, it is the perfect beginner board.

Pros Of Kryptonics Skateboard

  • The low cost of Kryptonics skateboards is one of the reasons for its popularity. Kryptonics has a lengthy history in the skating business and can currently make high-quality, low-cost skateboards.
  • Kryptonics also makes wheels, which can be purchased via chinasaleonline. Wheels are the elements of a skateboard that changes the most after a few months, therefore if you have a Kryptonics skateboard, you can simply purchase the same quality and brand wheels.
  • Kryptonics skateboard decks are manufactured of 7 plies, 8 plies, and 9 ply maple. As a result, it’s both robust and adaptable. As a result, they are both comfortable to ride and give outstanding grip.
  • Kryptonics is a godsend for budget-conscious novices or those who wish to learn the basics of skating for a few months. They are an enticing alternative for novices due to their low cost and good quality components. This skateboard is ideal for beginners.

Cons Of Kryptonics Skateboard

If You Are A Skateboard Beginner, Here Are Five Things You Must Know Before  Choosing A

  • This board is inexpensive and unpleasant for experienced riders who know how and where to ride faster and do tricks. Professionals should not use this board.
  • Because it has a maximum weight of 220 pounds and even 110 on some of their boards, it is not ideal for heavy males.
  • Medium-hard wheels are available in Kryptonics’ entire pre-assembled skateboard, albeit they may not be the ideal choice for rocky conditions.
  • The complete board is a little heavier because the 9-ply wood as well as other heavy pieces like trucks, make tricks more difficult.
  • The majority of Kryptonics skateboards come with low-quality rated bearings like ABEC 3 and ABEC 5, which are already obsolete. For smooth cycling and greater speeds, we now require at least ABEC 7 bearings.

Kryptonics Drop-In Series 31 Inch Complete Skateboard

Kryptonics has a 31-inch Drop-in series full skateboard that is great for learning tricks & riding in skateparks. The board is an exceptional trick board with a double kicktail design with a deck that is 31 inches long and 9 inches broad.

A twin kicktail deck is perfect for pulling off a variety of tricks as well as applying hard brakes and turning. You can tell a deck was made for tricks if it has a twin kicktail design.


The board is excellent for all ages, from children to adults, and is great for skateparks as well as doing stunts. Simply ensure that all of the bearings are replaced with high-quality ones that will last longer and give a greater overall performance.