Enhancing Student Registration with WebLOAD and Ellucian Banner

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With the emergence of digitalization, the enrollment process in schools has become innovative and efficient. Many colleges and universities have integrated online school registration, making it more accessible to pass documents and complete student requirements.

However, with millions of Americans registering for higher education, universities are expected to handle the extreme traffic on their enrollment portals. The spike in traffic can lead to the website’s poor performance, impacting the overall registration activities.

One way to address this problem is to invest in a trusted ERP platform and load-testing tool. These innovative game changers can help universities and colleges to improve their registration process while maintaining the quality of their services.

Introducing WebLOAD and Ellucian Banner

Higher education institutions must deliver and meet their stakeholder’s expectations, especially in their registration process. Ellucian Banner is among the top enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems worldwide. It helps universities to simplify their administrative processes for students and make their work more efficient.

While Ellucian Banner can benefit educational institutions, it can get crowded during registration. Colleges and universities must handle it efficiently to avoid challenges during peak enrollment periods. They can opt for reliable load testing for Ellucian to make it more functional and effective.

WebLOAD is a load testing tool that aims to assist universities in handling peak registration periods on the Ellucian efficiently. In fact, many of the Ellucian’s prominent clients, such as the George Institute of Technology and Bridgewater State University, have benefitted from WebLOAD.

Key Features of WebLOAD

WebLOAD is a performance solution for stress test registration and other challenging web environments. With Java Script’s flexibility, WebLOAD can handle any requirements, from complex sign-on to web services. Here are some of WebLOAD’s key features:


WebLOAD enables institutions to simulate more virtual users, allowing developers to allocate load across several generators.

Real-time Analytics

With WebLOAD’s real-time analytics, universities can see potential bottlenecks and address them immediately.

Comprehensive Reporting

Web developers can utilize graphics, such as performance metrics, text run comparisons, and trend analysis, to help people analyze the data.

Hybrid Development

Universities can employ WebLOAD as A SaaS (Software as a Service), allowing them to choose whether to handle the solution internally or let Radview manage the testing.