Can You Unbrick Samsung Galaxy M20 Using Samsung Stock Firmware?

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Smartphone users generally end up bricking their gadgets when flashing custom firmware along with the 3rd-party apps. Of oftentimes, for no reasons, the firmware starts to malfunction. No matter what the reason is, there is one thing you should know about – its solution. Till the time the issue is linked with the firmware, it is possible to troubleshoot it. You can easily unbrick your Galaxy M20 using the Samsung firmware official. For this purpose, the Odin flashing tool is used that helps restore the actual firmware onto the gadget along with default settings.

You need to be certain with a fact. This technique is going to wipe off your phone’s internal memory and you would have to install a fresh Samsung official firmware copy on your device. Hence, everything that you have on your phone’s internal memory will be deleted and there is no way you will be able to restore it. Therefore, it is imperative to take precautions before you proceed further.

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Flashing the Samsung stock firmware on Galaxy M20 offers several benefits. If you have been experiencing issues or have somehow managed to brick your gadget completely, you can further proceed with this option. Flashing Samsung stock firmware will help restore the original Operating System aspects that calibrate stability and performance. Most imperatively, if you have been using customized firmware, you could revert to Samsung official firmware easily. Users who keep on switching from one custom firmware to another are more interested in using the stock firmware. This allows them to effectively troubleshoot their device in case they end up bricking it.

If you want to unbrick Galaxy M20 using the Samsung official firmware, you need to use the Odin flashing software. It is a tool developed Samsung and proves to be exceedingly beneficial for Samsung Smartphone users. It helps flash the Samsung official firmware, updates, and custom recovery images.  If you prefer to manually install stock firmware on your Smartphone, this is the tool you will require to fulfill the purpose. However, you need to know that the Odin software only works with Windows operating system.

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Be aware of the fact that the proceeding action will remove all the 3rd-party apps, mods, and custom firmware. Moreover, if you have been using a rooted device, the root access will be removed during this process. You may regain it after putting the stock firmware on your Smartphone. Learn more about the procedure at