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Artificial Intelligence: Present And Future Applications

Steffy Alen
Artificial Intelligence

The Master in Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering of TECH opens the doors to an emerging sector that demands specialists up to date with the latest advances in the sector

The irruption of Artificial Intelligence has transformed in a brief time the digital landscape and the reality of various sectors, thanks to the automation of industrial and business processes. This has generated the need for engineers to master these complex techniques. Thus, degrees such as TECH’s Professional Master’s Degree Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering program have been created in response to this demand.

Engineers need to be familiar with advanced algorithm design, computational logic, machine learning and data mining. Thus, with a solid knowledge base, they will be able to get involved in innovative technological projects. From this scientific-technical approach, this university program delves into the world of computing, mathematical foundations, statistics and even the physical concepts essential in this area.

Likewise, it is of vital importance to be updated with the latest trends, advances and perspectives related to the work and application of Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, this TECH degree keeps students up to date and raises their capabilities to develop advanced skills and understand the expected results that can be achieved through Artificial Intelligence.

New paradigms: bio-inspired computing

Within the AI world, an innovative perspective in the field of computation and the new scopes of this computing era stands out. This is bio-inspired computing, which studies the principles and processes of nature itself, taking inspiration from biological systems to solve complex problems in the field of computation.

This approach starts from the idea that nature has developed efficient and robust solutions to a wide variety of challenges over millions of years of evolution. By studying and understanding these biological systems, researchers can develop algorithms and techniques that mimic or are inspired these mechanisms.

Examples of bio-inspired techniques include genetic algorithms. These are based on biological evolution to find optimal solutions, artificial neural networks, which are inspired the structure and functioning of the brain, as well as ant colony algorithms, which mimic the behavior of these insects to optimize search results.

AI still has a lot to offer

AI is currently being explored many users, programmers, and engineers. At the same time, specialists remain committed to its development. For this reason, its extension to different sectors such as health, marketing, education, or industry means that this technology is expected to have a long way to go.

AI raises important challenges and relevant debates revolving around its social, economic, ethical, and labor implications. It is therefore essential that the specialists in charge of developing them have a much more global vision that goes beyond the technique itself. This technology’s transcendence is not perceptible a large part of society, but its scope has been rapid and its integration into many areas of daily life is a matter of time.

In this sense, the effect of this technology in the automation of repetitive, complex, or dangerous tasks is visible. In these areas, it can generate a notorious increase in efficiency and productivity in fields such as manufacturing, logistics or medical care.

TECH Technological University

TECH Technological University is an educational institution committed to quality education, which has led it to position itself as the highest-rated university in the world according to the Trustpilot platform. All this reflects its high academic level, which has attracted over 500,000 students from over 150 countries in recent years.

Its academic excellence is recognized the leading international institutions and entities. Proof of this is that it has been designated as Google Partner Premier 2023, being supported one of the most recognized companies in the world.

In this sense, it is great growth since its birth has allowed it to become the best online university in the world according to Forbes and to be one of the 200 fastest growing companies in the world in recent years according to the Financial Times.

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