Greetings On Thanksgiving

Apps To Help You Send Greetings On Thanksgiving

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Sending and receiving greetings on Thanksgiving and on any special occasion is something that always adds a lot to your celebration. There will be a couple of holidays throughout America for which you might need to send gifts and greetings to your loved ones. In the current digital age, you can use different apps to get things done for yourself. Apps today are powerful enough to take care of things like finding recipes, buying the required items, organizing your guest list and managing the entire event.

You can use different apps and a little bit of creativity to make sure to create attractive greeting cards for Thanksgiving if you are not able to meet your loved ones for the occasion this year. These apps will add more love to your feelings and help you design and send Thanksgiving greetings in a very affordable way. All you need is an internet connection with a blazing speed and reliable connectivity like Xfinity internet and you can create and send as many greeting cards for your loved ones as you want. Let’s have a look at a few tools that you can use:


There are greeting card apps with an option to connect to business tools that you use. These tools can help you mail your cards automatically when an action is triggered. This can be when your Shopify account detects a customer with more items in their basket and they checkout from your store or when you add a new client in your list. You can do the same this Thanksgiving and select a card design or photo that you have on your phone. You can handwrite your message and add up up to 3 photos or card designs. You can get the cards printed and delivered at your provided address.

Google Play Rating: 4.5


The app is ideal for people who want to send and create personalized carts and experience a better way to stay in touch with their loved ones. You can customize cards with photos, personal messages and designs making the app ideal for use for sending Thanksgiving cards and greetings. All you need to do is download the app, upload the required photos and send cards using your phone to almost anywhere in the world.

Google Play Rating: 4.4

iPostcard Postcard App And Greeting Card App

The app helps you create personal postcards and greeting cards and helps you send unique and personalized holiday greetings. This makes the app very useful for sending greetings to your loved ones very convenient. You can also use the app to secret messages or a video. The process is very quick, reliable and very intuitive and the message will only get visible to the required user. You can also use visual content so that you can add more emotions to your greetings. You can add your personal signature and select from more than 10 different keeping the quality intact.

Google Play Rating: 4.5


The app helps you create and send personalized greetings, and postcards for almost any occasion and keep your memories safe. You can have cards and albums with your own photos, add stickers and use emojis and send your greetings to your loved ones in an envelope. There are many new designs for you to play around with. The app is very easy to use, helps you to add photos with your message and captions and send it to one or more recipients. If you want to get your greeting cards printed then the app uses PEFC certified quality paper that is environment- friendly as well.

Google Play Rating: 4.8


The app is considered as the only climate-neutral application that can help you send your pictures to your loved ones using your smartphone. You cannot only send greetings to your loved ones digitally but also as a printed postcard too. There are plenty of templates for almost every occasion. All you need to do is choose the format, add photos or select from the template, add your greeting and enter the address.

Google Play Rating: 4.2

Express Your Love

Using the apps mentioned above, you not only get help while sending and receiving your love and feelings for your loved ones but also save a lot of time, energy and money that you might have to spend if you are sending cards using other alternatives. This way your loved ones will be able to feel your love even if you are not able to be there in person. The apps can also be a good way to send greetings to your customers if you are using the apps for business purposes. You will be able to save a lot of money while retaining your customers and making them feel valued.