Answer Your Door From Anywhere With Ring Doorbell Camera Today!

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Accordingly to the latest FBI Crime Statistic report, there are more than 1.5 million burglaries were committed over the last one year. With more than 70% of them being residential. The most surprising aspect here is that the majority of these burglaries occurred during the day time, with access gained through a window or door. One easy approach to protect your house against property theft, porch pirates, home invasion and even unwanted visitors is to first identify who shows up at your doorstep before you open it up to them. Opt for a video doorbell, which happens to be your prime line of defense that not only allows you to see and speak with whoever is at the door but also will record the image of the visitor who approaches the door while you are unable to answer or away from home.

These smart gadgets generally use a Wi-Fi connection to stream live video to your smartphone along with several other features including motion detection, cloud video recording service, sirens, interoperability with smart locks and other smart home devices. Before you choose, it is imperative to learn more about the ring doorbell camera review to ensure you pick the best video doorbell for your home.

Do You Need A Wireless Or Wired Video Doorbell?

When in search of a smart doorbell you need to first decide if you want a wired device that acquires power from low-voltage doorbell wiring or a wireless device that run on batteries. A wireless doorbell is definitely the best option to install, as it consumes power from batteries and not from the home’s electric system and does not require you to turn off the power every now and then.

Wired doorbells are not easy to set up as compared to the wireless ones, but they are far from being complex and you do not have to worry about power outage unless the entire house loses power. As most homes already have a doorbell wiring, installing a doorbell with the camera is as simple as removing the old doorbell, disconnecting the wires, connecting the new doorbell and attaching it to the outside of your house.

The wired doorbells obtain power from two different wires that are attached to the transformer that actually steps down your residential power to anywhere between 16 to 24 volts. If your house does not have doorbell wiring, you may consider wiring it yourself or have an electrician do this for you.