Advantages of Mobile Applications for Ecommerce

Advantages of Mobile Applications for Ecommerce

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Today the use of mobile phones to browse and shop online is so widespread that it has overshadowed the computer. For this reason, and because it offers better performance and fluidity than a mobile version of the web, applications are undoubtedly something that every E-commerce must-have.

It does not matter what is type or size of business you have, since if you are a small company, a mobile application dedicated exclusively to your store will help new users get to know your brand.

In addition, on the other hand, if you are a company with a larger size and you have a more extensive customer base, the app will allow you to retain them more efficiently and continue to attract new customers.

Below we will show a series of advantages and characteristics with which a mobile application would give your online store a leap in quality.

First Things First: what are the Primary Mobile Alternatives?

There are two ways in which users can interact with your store on mobiles:

  • Through your website in the phone browser(Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) with your adapted site (responsive web design) or with a site specially designed for mobile phones (web app).
  • Through a native application or app(when you download the Google Play Store or App Store program and you see the icon on your phone).

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, but the good news is that they are not exclusive; that is, we can implement both options and let the user decide how they want to interact with your business.

Advantages and Characteristics of Having a Mobile Application

Greater User Comfort

As we have mentioned previously, the navigation and use of the functions are much more satisfactory in an app than in the web version for mobile. Mainly because of the massive difference in speed and fluidity.

It is fundamental that the user is comfortable and feels that he does not waste time since a bad experience compared to the competition due to clumsy and cumbersome navigation can make him leave your website. It will ultimately make you lose a sale, and worse, a potential repeat customer.

For this reason, a mobile application allows the user to navigate as efficiently as possible and almost instantaneously between sections and purchasing processes, which favors them to enjoy a great experience in your E-commerce.

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Sending Notifications and Better Communication

Through push notifications, we can keep the user up to date and in the fastest and most efficient way possible of news, promotions, offers, or special consumer situations.

All this entails an improvement in the two-way communication between clients and brands, personalizing the messages according to the situation in which they are, and establishing a chat where they can solve all the doubts they may have.

Take Advantage of Unique Mobile Features and Functionalities.

Due to the multiple exclusive functionalities that mobile phones offer us, it would not be brilliant not to benefit and make use of them.

Through GPS location, we will know the place where the customer resides and thus be able to personalize the offer according to their location. For example, closest physical store, know characteristics of the area or city to send messages with which they feel more identified, segment customers regions without registration, etc.

In addition, with the mobile application, we can scan codes for discounts or promotions through the phone’s camera.

Build Customer Loyalty 

Mobile applications are one of the best options to retain our customers. The comfort and simplicity to make the purchase or navigate between our products entail a feeling of comfort and confidence on the part of the consumer, which will undoubtedly cause recurrent use of the application.

At, we consider it to be one of the significant advantages in the medium or long term and that it would bring the most important benefits to your e-commerce.

Attract New Customers to the Online Store

Many users only buy through mobile applications, so accessing them can be a vast and significant boost in business.

Many consumers can find it challenging to navigate the web. Remember that most users only use a mobile phone, so when they find e-commerce with the characteristics, services, and products they are looking for and can also do everything quickly in the app; it is difficult not to become a customer. It will also build loyalty.

Personalization According to the Type of E-Commerce

On the other hand, each company and sector is different, so you have to do an in-depth study to get the best possible performance from this tool to maximize the benefits and advantages for your online store.