A Guide To Producing And Recording Gameplay Videos

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Are you hardcore and dedicated gamer? Do want to share your gaming skills with people and get feedback? Well, the finest way to do that is to record a video of your playing and then upload it on your channel on YouTube. Right now, the newer models of Xbox and PlayStation offer an option of recording, but they don’t come at par with high quality and adequately edited videos. So, it will be best for you if you publish a well-made gaming video instead of any random recorded video. So, follow some points if you want to create a really enthralling gaming video.

Pick the right game

It is the first and the most significant step that you have to take care of while uploading a gaming video. If the purpose of making your videos is to have fun and to share with your friends, there is a possibility that you will opt for your favourite games, but if you want to monetize your game, you have to pick up one of your games, which has the capability of grabbing the attractions of the viewers.

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Video recording as well as video editing software

Maybe, you can capture the game with the help of your video capturing software, but that is not enough if you want your video to look professional. In that case, you can use the InVideo video editing tool, which will help you to edit your videos properly. Also, apart from making gaming videos, you can also make marketing videos with InVideo.

Selection of your video capturing device

One of the most significant pieces of hardware that you need, while recording a video from any consoles like Xbox or PlayStation, is the video capturing device. By selecting a proper video capturing device, recording of the video output of the game will become easy, and you can also save that video in your files.  Whenever you are opting for a video capturing device, try to select the one that has a microphone, which serves the purpose of live commentary.

Choose a microphone and audio accessories

If you want to embed your own audio comments to your video, you will need a microphone. You can use the internal microphone of your computer or the microphone that comes with your gaming headset, but to get the finest of audio quality, it will be better for you if you opt for a USB microphone. It will not only improve the audio quality but will also make your video sound professional.

Also, use a pop filter to reduce the unwanted popping sounds

A pop filter is nothing but a simple filter, which is attached to your microphone. It helps in the prevention of the popping sounds of the air, whenever you are speaking into it. It plays a significant role in diffusing and deflecting the rushing air, which is caused the pronunciation of certain letters such ‘p’, ‘b’ and many more.  Another advantage of popping filter is that it will prevent your spit from getting into the microphone.

Make sure that your computer is compatible with video editing

Well, it is a very frustrating thing if your computer is not capable of taking the load video editing. It will not only make your menus to load slowly but will also make your video playback sluggish. Therefore, to cope up with that, you need proper hardware for video editing, which is compatible with your computer.

Fast internet access is also quite significant

Well, it is essential to have access to the internet, but it is more important that your internet access is quick enough. Most of the times the internet service providers focus on the downloading speed instead of uploading speed. But in this case, you have to make sure that your uploading speed is also high. So, it will be preferable for you if you look for an internet service, which will deliver you a good uploading speed.

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Select the proper audio recording software and editing software

Another substantial aspect that you have to look for is the proper audio recording software along with appropriate editing software. It will help you to craft a suitable gaming video and will also make your video professionally significant. You will find a handful of software that will help you in this process.

Set up of the video capturing device

The purpose of the video capturing device is to interpose itself into the video signal, which is coming from your gaming system and transfer it to your monitor or in your TV. You connect this device to your computer, simply with the help of a USB. After plugging it, you can view your gaming on your gaming system as well as on your monitor.

So, these are the steps that you can follow if you want to generate a proper gaming video.