8 Secrets Why Videos are Winning the Marketing Game

8 Secrets Why Videos are Winning the Marketing Game

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Indeed, videos are seen all over the websites. There is no single web page that does not include video. If we say that content is the king of marketing, then it would not be wrong to consider video as the emperor. Due to high demand of videos, 63% of the businesses are leveraging the power of explainer videos to hit the business goals.

Video is not only effective but also can easily be created and measured without breaking the banks. “Why is video marketing so popular?” It is one of the most common questions that everyone landing on this blog post has. You might be one of them.

Need not fret! Here are some of the benefits of video marketing that will help you understand why every business is using videos to reach new heights sooner.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Let’s get started….

Boost Conversions

Attracting visitors to a page is one thing and inspiring them to make a click on it is another. Well! That’s where videos come into play. By utilizing videos, you can increase the click-through rate and bump up the conversions.

As per the research, 86% of the conversions can be improved adding videos on your landing page. If the utilization of videos is done accurately, then it can easily lead you directly to sales. So, if you are expecting to move your client down the marketing funnel, then start using videos to convey the right emotions at the right time.

Generate More Traffic

One of the main reasons behind the constant evolution of video marketing strategy is high traffic. Organizations that are using videos are able to catch visitors’ eye representing their content more enthusiastically. It is one of the most consistent and natural ways to keep visitors on the page.

As per Aberdeen Group research, it is found that websites that include videos have 41% more traffic than others. You will be amazed to know that videos not only help in generating website traffic but also increase website visibility and relevancy for certain queries. Thus, if you want excellent growth in your website traffic, then start creating your own explainer video animation.

Rank higher in search engine

If I am not wrong, then being on the top pages of search engines is something everyone aims for. But meeting ever-changing Google algorithms and ranking higher in search is not a cakewalk. But with videos, you can easily engage the viewers and allow search engines to notice your content.

Remember, the more the visitor spends time on your website, the easier it becomes for search engines to discover the most relevant content. According to the research conducted Forrester, it is found that websites with video are 53 times more likely to show higher on Google results. So, whenever you get started with video, make sure to explore interactive videos and create one that encourages visitor’s actions even more.

Explain Everything

Expressing the ideas and explaining the product, especially when it is all new and complex, is not easy. But 98% of the people say that explainer video helps them better understand complex products or services in a much easier way.

Are you also struggling to explain a complex concept in an entertaining and understandable way? Create Explainer videos to bring boring and difficult ideas to life. It is one of the perfect combinations of creativity, simplicity, and entertainment. Thus, if you want to teach people in a way that directly hits their minds, then there’s no better way than making interactive and enjoyable videos.

Generate ROI

You will be more excited to use videos after reading that 83% of the companies generate a good return on investment adding videos to your marketing strategy. If you are new to video production, then you can always use video editing software to create a perfect video that actually converts.

Always remember, better the videos, greater the ROI.

Build Customer’s Trust

Audience trust and business success go hand in hand. If you are able to build strong connections with your audience, you can easily build a foundation of sales and conversions. But building trust over the web is not easy. You need to build your brand authority and make people remember your brand for longer. Many organizations are achieving this goal using videos in their marketing strategy.

So, if you want to ignite the emotions of the visitors and want to give them more confidence in purchasing your respective products/services online, then provide them with interesting and useful information in the form of videos.

Improve social shares

By keeping the current situations in mind, viral videos act more productive even more than paid promotion. If you have strong video content, you can easily get more engagement and shares. The higher the intended audience enjoys your video, the more the shares, and the better the productivity.

According to the research, social videos get 1200% more shares in comparison to images and text. Sharing videos on social channels like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc., have more chances to make your video popular in the world.

So, if you want to create your brand authority and encourage the social shares, then start creating fun entertaining and branded videos because 76% of the people share video with their friends if it is branded.

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Engage Mobile Users

Around 92.6% of people use mobile phones to go online. It indicates that most of the customers are mobile users, and to ignite their emotions, organizations are sharing videos on each platform. Also, it is found that 90% of the people love watching videos on their mobile device over reading huge content.

Thus, giving mobile-optimized videos, you can easily give visitors a better choice to learn, connect and grow.

The Last Say

Indeed, there are numerous benefits of adding videos to the marketing strategy. But hopefully, the above added are enough to make you understand why everyone is getting onboard with videos.

If you have a strong hold on videos, you can easily pull your viewer’s in, uplift your sales and give your business a better chance to expand. To get the right video for your business, you can always join hands with a video production company.

So, what are you waiting for? Start tailoring your audience’s needs and nurture them through impressive and planned videos. Still, if you have any second thoughts, do share your queries in the section added below.