5 Online Businesses You Can Start with Low Investment

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Online businesses have taken the storms since they have come into the picture. The traditional or the offline way of doing business have been somewhat ruled out, as a consequence of the same. There are many reasons why people are inclined to shop online, rather than roaming from store to store but it is mostly because of the ease and convenience, online businesses offer.

Picking the online way of doing business somehow reduces the initial investment costs to quite an extent. But there are a few other costs associated with the kind of business that you do online we may require some additional funds. For example, you may require sufficient funds to acquire the inventory, that are, some plants for home as well as outdoors, in case of their online plant shop. But, what if, we told you some kinds of online businesses which requires very low or no investment at all? Wouldn’t that be brilliant? We bet, it would be, which is why over this article, we are going to talk about those businesses and their own set of pros and cons. Make sure to give it a read, before you start up your entrepreneurial journey.

What Is a Business Model? Business Models Explained

  • Blogging – One can easily make some fine amount of money working on their blog. All you need to have is to own a URL or get registered with some online websites which would offer you – your own blog page to list out your posts. You can start writing over that space or even can post your photos, videos and attache other links of the websites, which might be related to your content. Make sure, your content is not plagiarised otherwise you may end up falling in some major copyright issue. Keep your blog site engaging and driven towards what type of content your readers want from you. Pros would low startup cost and flexible work hours, whereas cons would be may take long to get recognition and get time-consuming, at times.
  • Video Making – Everyone knows/ can imagine the reach and money Youtube gets every year/month/day/second. Right? Visually appealing videos can really help you grab people’s attention in no time and at a minimum cost. You can easily use your smartphone and some editing apps. Cons would be it can get time-consuming and take a long time to earn revenue.
  • Drop-Shipping – If you have gone through some websites like Amazon, eBay or Etsy, you may have seen some small businesses which have got themselves registered with them. Dropshipping requires very less amount of starter up capital, which helps one can save their warehousing charges. The market of drop shippers is very competitive, these days and you will be ultimately blamed for your drop shipper’s mistakes if the delivery doesn’t reach the customer.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Quite similar to the idea of drop shipping yet very different, affiliate marketing businesses are more like a partner than subordinate in the case of drop shipping. For e.g – Websites like,, and CJ Affiliate are affiliate sites. The pros are low-risk of operating and hands-off business model, whereas the cons would be you would be responsible for bringing the web traffic of the business and would be needed to spend more revenue on advertising or for promotions.
  • Information Products – Provisioning insightful information to the customers is one of the simplest ways to do business online in audio, video or text format. You can make some quick money and can be passive income once the product reaches the market.

So, these were some of our suggestions. Be wise and make yours after reading this article!