3 Tips To Optimize Your Site On Local Requests In Paris

3 Tips To Optimize Your Site On Local Requests In Paris

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We have already talked to you recently about how to position yourself in SEO in Paris and how to use your Google business profile, and this time we are going to be interested in the different tips that will help you quickly get results in SEO in Paris.

First of all: what is called “TIPS”? Tips are a simple, quick and effective trick to implement in an optimization strategy. It is mainly used in On-site seo optimization, it is also called Quick Win (quick win).

Now that things are clear on the subject of SEO tips, let’s take a look at our top 3 tips for quickly climbing search engine results in Paris.

Add “Paris” In Its Meta Title Tag?

The title tag is one of the easiest and fastest elements to modify on a page. What you need to know about the title is that Google likes it very much and has taken it into account in its search engine algorithm.

As a reminder, here is what the title tag of a page looks like in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page):

title tag in Google search results on the query “agency seo Paris”

What Should You Know About The Title Tag:

  1. It consists of a title and the brand name
  2. It should not be more than 65 characters or 600 pixels long
  3. It must not have repetitions of keywords
  4. It may contain some emojis (to be used in moderation)
  5. It must make you want to click
  6. It must contain your main keyword
  7. It must respond to a research intention

Why Add “Paris” In Its Title Tag?

The answer is rather obvious, but it is often underestimated: You must add your location as soon as your page targets a local request. The user who is looking for a service or a product will easily tend to do so close to home. And in this case if you are in Paris and you offer a service, you need a page for that.
For example: A Parisian company manager who needs to improve his visibility on search engines in the long term will tend to type “Paris seo agency” or “SEO agency” to find what he is looking for. If you have a page that meets this intention, you will have to indicate it in your title tag. So, you increase your chances of being better positioned.

Create An Optimized Satellite Page On Paris?

In SEO, a satellite page is a page that is outside the user journey which aims to position itself on a specific keyword. Doorway pages are widely used for pages with local queries.

You can find examples of doorway pages in many website footers, but also in the internal mesh of a site with a silo logic.

To take the example of the Paris SEO agency, you can also have a satellite page “Paris 9 SEO agency” or “Boulogne Billa nCourt SEO agency”. These examples are not necessarily the best, but if you are a very well-established restaurant or franchise in Paris, the technique of satellite pages district and arrondissement can be a very good idea to target your prospects.

How To Make An Optimized Satellite Page On Paris?

  1. Target your keywords
  2. create a page structure with titles and subtitles
  3. write your page following your structure plan
  4. Be sure to respond to your users with information on schedules, services, location, prices…
  5. Put an h1 title with your main keyword
  6. Fill in your title tag with your service + Paris
  7. Highlight your related keywords in bold on your page
  8. Make one or more links to your other services
  9. Put the link of your page in Footer and in the content of related pages
  10. Add local structured data

Once your satellite page is created, don’t forget to make sure that it is in “Index / follow” and that it responds in status code 200. If this is not the case, it may not never index and position themselves.

Make Local Netlinking By Targeting Paris

Netlinking is one of the 3 fundamental pillars of SEO for Construction Company with content and technique. As a reminder, netlinking is an offsite SEO technique that consists of creating links entering your site from other sites. There are several ways to create links:

  • Comments on the forums
  • Buying links on publisher sites
  • Link exchange
  • PBNs (Personal Blog Network)
  • Directory listings

In our case, we are going to be interested in registering on directories and buying links.

Focus On Link Buying

What he says about link buying is that Google makes no secret of its position on the practice of link buying. For the search engine, the approach is to be banned. In its Guideline it specifies that the purchase of links as well as the acquisition of artificial links are practices contrary to its principles and it is also specified that both buyers and sellers can be penalized. To counter this, Google requires publishers to add qualifying attributes to the <a> tag with:

  • rel=”sponsored”
  • rel=”ugc”
  • rel=”nofollow”

It is the rel=”sponsored” attribute which is the most recommended whereas a few years ago it was nofollow.

Well, let’s be honest, very, very few publishers respect these rules, because there is no interest on the buyer side since the link juice will not flow to their strategic pages.

End of the parenthesis on netlinking.

Back on topic !

How To Improve Your Positioning On Local Queries With “Paris”?

The answer: Create links on directories! There are a large number of online directories that offer to create company files with everything you need to be well referenced! If you want to position yourself on a local request, this is one of the most effective ways.
here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Make a list of directories (preferably free)
  2. Create an account
  3. Enter your activity
  4. Enter your location in Paris
  5. Fill in a long description (minimum 300 words, make the most of the word count option)
  6. Indicate your link which points to the right page (either your satellite page targeted at Paris, or your homepage if you are well located in Paris)
  7. If you have the possibility to put a personalized link anchor you can choose an exact anchor example: SEO Paris agency. But take it easy, it wouldn’t be about getting penalized Google (penguin filter)
  8. Repeat these steps changing the directory platform and modifying your description text each time

Registering on directories can be long and tedious, even boring, but the result is there! For what ? Because offering listings, directories are naturally more legitimate than an article written a third party.

One Last Bonus Tip?

Create your link campaigns on very “regional” themed sites on local. In Paris there are thousands of sites that talk about Paris, news, the region, culture, etc. By looking carefully, you can find partners who offer to exchange or buy links on such a site.

To Sum Up

The local SEO of its site in Paris requires a little time and work, but it is within everyone’s reach if you follow these 3 tips. In addition, you can multiply this strategy for several other cities and gain visibility in other territories. If you need support on this subject, contact our SEO agency, we will be happy to help you with your online visibility.